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This time we had unexpected guests from San Francisco, who were looking for help with their Forex-like platform building. We had some insights on how to think about MVP (Minimum Viable Product), value on rethinking necessary technologies (e.g., sometimes it's too early to think about necessity of Vagrant) and value of brands credibility to bring your product to market. Those who weren't engaged in disscussions, were working on these projects:


  • zrks was starting his project in PyGame to remake his one-of-the-favorite games of his childhood - Karogs .
  • algaruda and gstrazds were exploring Vagrant and Docker - remote access, Docker inside VagranBox, DB inside Vagrant were explored topics.
  • Ernests was exploring system installation automation with Django - to get up and running Debian or CentOS with help of web interface.

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Together we agreed that hands-on is much more exciting then raw blah-blah-blah, and have completely switched to #PyNight format. Discussions and speakers always welcome as an addition to code. We had lots of fun, coding together and late night techn'o'sophic chatting.


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