Our second monthly workshop took place at The Mill. Thanks to those who helped out with beer and pizza. We worked on projects started in previous event and started a couple of new ones.


Results of this workshop are available at GitHub:


Pair-Programming Styles

One member has the keyboard and control of the input. Their job is to type and focus on the minute-to-minute coding. The other member is the navigator. Their job is to pay attention to the code being written, but keep the larger picture in mind, guiding the driver in the right direction. The pair should swap roes frequently.
Ping-Pong Pairing
Has two basic forms. First is where one members takes the role of test writer, and the other takes on the role of getting the tests to pass. The second style of ping-pong is where one member writes a test and the other makes it pass, then and writes another test and control is passed back. Both members are writing code frequently.

What to look out for when pair-programming - Promiscuous Pairing and Beginner's Mind

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