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This time #PyNight occurred in a more relaxed bar environment and laptops were kept closed making room for conversations covering a wild variety of topics while continuing to sketch out some future plans and formats for PythonLV.

Motivation, insight, reflection

  • Difference between effectiveness vs. efficiency, and why the right thing to do depends on unique circumstances.
  • The importance of interpersonal relationships in both software development & personal life, and factors influencing them.
  • Discussing vs. arguing, and the value of discourse for the right reasons.
  • Common aspects found in game systems and real-world quest for success; effects of various substances and activities on one's well-being.
  • Dependency chain between work, personal life, rest and curious playfulness and how they rely on each other.
  • Different approaches to development: The Cathedral and The Bazaar.

Practicalities of the physical world

  • Improving one's physical ability, and how it depends on inner motivations and overlaying goals were hot topics between ivarsj10s and abele.
  • Recent experience with Let's Encrypt was discussed between abele and SangSatori; verdict positive.
  • Nuances and differences between the author and audience when making videos on software development.
  • Sustainability and investing oneself in the right things personally, professionally and altruistically.

Future plans for PythonLV

We also discussed future ideas for group events of various kinds, ranging from book clubs to workshops to leisure activities. Want to chime in and have your say? You can get in touch with PythonLV on Gitter.

Upcoming events

Have something to say? Propose a talk.


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