We took it to the bar again with lesser-than-usual number of participants and discussed a number of topics, both software-related and not.

Software things

  • abele talked about the need to brush up frontend development skills and the pains of bringing them up to date in 2016, with SangSatori agreeing on the crazy state of JavaScript front-end tooling - bringing up the discussion on the sustainability and long-term landscape of frontend development, including the current use of Yeoman generators.
  • Links between the design of frameworks and software architecture in context of design of Python & JavaScript was another topic, concluding that it pays off to embrace the design of the language when building Pythonic software.
  • SangSatori had a few thoughts to share on the differences between Angular and React in how they approach solving the frontend problems, benefits of using Flexbox and the direction of TypeScript and Dart languages and web components.
  • abele recalled a number of great resources on software architecture for writing clean, expressive Python code that makes sense.

Non-software discussions

  • abele had plenty of insight and advice for SangSatori on eating the right things the right way and how it affects physical and mental state of being, how not all calories are created equal and his experience with Ketogenic diet in context of low-carb, high-fat food intake.
  • We also shared stories and personal experiences on the importance of mental well-being and doing the right things for one's mental health.

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